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Marysonnie's Final Fantasy IV Game Review

Rated: 8

Final Fantasy is a truly enjoyable challenge. It's HARD. Random battles happen quite frequently even for Final Fantasy standards and it's not all that easy to win. Rydia starts out with thirty hit points, for crying out loud. Leveling grinding is an absolute must, as the final dungeon is ridiculously challenging. There are also some notoriously rare items in this game that even hours of playing can't get you, something quite frustrating to fanatics such as myself.

While the battle system for Playstation isn't all that deep, you can change equipment during battle (very handy) and even carry more than ninety nine of an item by splitting the columns up into varying amounts. New skills come along with levels and every character has a very important role (no dead weight).

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Marysonnie's Legend of Dragoon Game Review

Rated: 7

Before this game was released, it was thought to be a possible "Final Fantasy killer," and I can assure you that's not the case. I am extremely fond of this game, but it has a healthy share of faults. While I think it sufficiently rewards the player loyal enough to it, getting to the end takes a lot of dedication. Sony spent more than three years on this, but there's plenty they could have vastly improved if they'd only had more patience or more insight.

I personally love doing Additions, but towards the end, Albert's Additions were especially difficult to learn. The loss of Lavitz as a party member (and all of his progress) hits very hard, as often a player could be halfway through his Addition list, only to have to start all over.

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Marysonnie's Blade of the Immortal Manga Review

Blade of the Immortal

Rated: 10

The best part about Blade of the Immortal is the characters. No one is perfect, no one is really intrinsically good or bad (there IS one exception). Manji finds that being irresponsible in the past has cost him dearly and if he continues to reject discipline, it could do so again; he can't be careless anymore. He's beyond anti-hero; he smokes, drinks, entertains prostitutes, kills wantonly, and even hits Rin the first time they meet. Rin learns a lot about herself and what she's willing to sacrifice in order to fulfill a hastily-made graveside promise. Her enemy, Anotsu, is similarly obligated to his family to unite all schools of fighting in Japan.

But it's in the small, unexpected character tics that humor escapes, just like in real life.

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